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Tue May 22 04:10:42 UTC 2012

Iain Lane [2012-05-21 17:08 +0100]:
> >    When we merge the teams, the whole release team will get that mail,
> >    which is unnecessary. It would be enough if one or two people get
> >    it and are responsible for watching the mail traffic, it's not
> >    necessary for reviewing uploads or moving packages to -updates as
> >    long as you check the tail of the bug report before doing so.
> Is it necessary to read this as incoming email rather than just
> reviewing the bug activity when processing from pending-sru? I guess
> maybe then you wouldn't catch bad updates in -proposed which nobody tags
> v-failed? Does this happen a lot?

It does, yes. You also need to pick up testing feedback where people
say that they tested the proposed version and it works, and then
marking it v-done. Jean-Baptiste does that a lot (he's apparently
reading the bug mail), but not for all the bugs (or maybe I just
happen to get to those first).

I would be happy with a workflow that scales more efficiently with a
larger team and round-robin reviewers. Scanning the bugs from
pending-sru.html and applying v-failed/v-done after 7 days certainly
would work as well, if you would prefer that. I just find it vastly
faster to process new bug mail in mutt than having to open and scan
all the bugs in Launchpad, but that's a matter of preference.

> I wonder if pending-sru could be augmented to aid with processing a bit,
> by floating packages which are ready to be acted on to the top, like
>   - v-done SRUs > 7 days

They can certainly be ordered differently, or get a different fg/bg
color so that they stand out better. Feel free to hack
lp:ubuntu-archive-tools "sru-report" (and roll it out with "bzr pull"
on lillypilly).

>   - v-failed SRUs

These already stand out rather well with the bugs marked red. But
again, visual improvements are always possible :)

>   - Uploads waiting in UNAPPROVED

These already have the +queue pages. I don't think there's much
benefit in replicating them on pending-sru where you can't actually do
anything about them.

> Looking at pending-updates now for the first time properly, there are a
> ton of bugs there that it seems are stalled and have been for quite some
> time. It's a bit overwhelming, but I guess that most of the entries are
> just stalled bugs. Can they be hidden by default? It doesn't seem that
> the SRU team is really going to do anything about them.

I don't think they should be hidden. In the past I went through the
bugs of uploads that had been in -proposed for more than three months
and sent a ping, and then removed them from -proposed a week or two
after if there hadn't been any feedback. This just cries for
automation, I just never got around to scriptify this.

> Thanks for your work! You'll be missed :(


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