[QA] Release Meeting 2012-01-27

Jean-Baptiste Lallement jean-baptiste at ubuntu.com
Fri Jan 27 13:31:15 UTC 2012

== Images Testing Status ==

=== Installation Testing [1] ===
  * Desktop: No image today. Previous builds this week were OK. Last 
failed build 2012-01-10.
  * Server: No failure this week. Last failed build 2012-01-07 (kernel 
version and debian-installer out of sync - fixed with a new build of d-i)
  * Alternate: Last failed build 2012-01-27 (no other failure this week)
922478	ubuntu alternate 20120127 failed to install: ttf-thai-tlwg : 
Depends: fonts-thai-tlwg but it is not installable

=== Upgrade Testing [2] ===
  * New defects this week:
    * precise-upgrade-lucid-desktop
854431	GDM automatic login is not transitioned to lightdm automatic login
922485 Lucid Desktop i386 failed to calculate the upgrade to Precise

    * precise-upgrade-lucid-main
922489 Lucid main-all amd64 failed to calculate the upgrade to Precise

    * precise-upgrade-lucid-server
922491 lucid to precise server upgrade: resolvconf failed to upgradecp: 
cannot create regular file `/run/resolvconf/resolv.conf': No such file 
or directory:

  * Defects from previous weeks:
911659	lucid -> precise upgrade failed: Could not perform immediate 
configuration on 'phonon-backend-gstreamer'
917153	failed to upgrade from oneiric to precise: 
/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/unopkg.bin: error while loading shared 
libraries: libicule.so.48: cannot open shared object file: No such file 
or directory
917173	lucid -> precise upgrade failed: Resolver failed to calculate the 
upgrade - dpkg-dev held back
840406	powerwaked crashed with ImportError in 
/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/powerwake/monitors/ARPMonitor.py: No 
module named scapy.all
901638	Remove iodbc2 (causes upgrade failure from Oneiric to Precise)
911244	prompt to change unmodified conf file /etc/cron.d/mailman during 
upgrade from oneiric to precise
903137	lucid->precise upgrade - prompt to update unmodified conf files 
in /etc/update-motd.d: 00-header, 10-help-text, 99-footer (Fix Released 
but there is still a prompt for 99-footer)


=== Boot speed Testing ===

== What was done engineering wise? ==

  * Automated install/upgrade testing
    * Added new tests for Desktop upgrades from Lucid:
      * Check that autologin is preserved on upgrade
      * Check that user settings are preserved on upgrade: background, 
theme, keyboard, custom launchers
  * Rearranged Jenkins upgrade dashboard to make results more meaningful
  * Bootspeed:
    * Run the test 3 times for each arch and systems.
    * Chart limited to 7 days (metrics are available for the whole release)

  * Documentation:

== What's about to land that might impact the other teams? ==

=== Release Notes ===

== Summary of bugs working on by team (reasonably reliable) ==
  * http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/qa/qa-open-bugs.html

== Dependencies on other teams, blocking items ==

== Issues? ==

== Blueprints and Status ==
  * Work Item Status for Precise: 
  * Work Item Status for Alpha 2: 

irc: jibel

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