[DX] Release meeting 2012-02-24

David Barth david.barth at canonical.com
Fri Feb 24 09:30:02 UTC 2012

== What was done engineering wise? ==

  * The release schedule for unity components is documented at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/ReleaseSchedule
   * No releases this week

  * Preparation of the [[https://launchpad.net/unity/+milestone/5.6.0|unity 5.6.0]] release (2d - [[https://launchpad.net/unity-2d/+milestone/5.6|unity-2d 5.6]]), aka "Painted Mask" - 16 fixes so far
   * LIM still has design issues that block its integration and testing
   * ibus support fixes
   * Additional focus on adding regression tests for the new fixes, which slows down the bug fix rate

  * Compiz - https://launchpad.net/compiz-core/+milestone/

  * UIFs - the list of outstanding usability issues was reviewed
   * Out of ~90 issues, just 4 will require a UIF exception
   * The list of UIFE is: [[Bug:608124]], [[Bug:863412]], [[Bug:876560]], [[Bug:839480]]

  * Identified FFEs
   * ibus support fix
   * HUD support for Unity-2D
   * Locally Integrated Menus (LIM) support (both 2d and 3d)

== What's about to land that might impact the other teams? ==

  * No release this week
  * Code freeze on Tuesday, with unity relases planned for Wednesday
  * Compiz with LIM integration only, with a further bugfix release the week after

== Dependencies on other teams, blocking items ==

  * None

== Blueprints ==

  * https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-p-multi-monitor (tracking items shared between DX and Desktop/Platform)
  * https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/dx-p-unity-enhancements, which is provisioned with bugs on the DX/Design radar at http://people.canonical.com/~platform/design/upstream.html

Burndown and spec completion levels:

  * For alpha-2: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/canonical-dx-team-precise-alpha-2.html
  * Entire cycle: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/canonical-dx-team.html


== Release targeted bugs being worked on/monitored ==


https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-distro-priority for reference

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