Uploading Forks of Ubuntu Packages to Extras

Allison Randal allison at ubuntu.com
Fri Dec 28 18:46:50 UTC 2012

On 12/28/2012 10:30 AM, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> There's no issue with lintian4python in experimental and lintian 2.5.11.

Oh, good. <phew>

> Is there some way extras could be an equivalent of an unapproved queue so 
> there would be a chance to catch this kind of thing before it is potentially 
> delivered to every Ubuntu user that has not manually disabled extras?

The plan is to integrate ARB uploads more with the MyApps process, which
has multiple stages of approval before an app actually gets published to
extras. The current publishing process of an automatic copy from the
~app-review-board PPA was just the best we could do with existing tools
and infrastructure.


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