Reminder about weekly Team Status Reports

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Fri Dec 7 12:41:38 UTC 2012

So, we're well into the Raring cycle, and we've not been seeing much in
the way of team status reports.  It was decided at UDS that we'd drop
the weekly meetings, but maintain sending reports to the list, so people
could keep track of what other teams were up to and effectively raise

I'd like to remind people of the (rather simple) weekly report template
available at:

Of note is that this is not a report telling us how awesome your team is,
this is not a performance review metric, and brief-but-targetted beats
verbose-and-rambling every time.  What we need to see in these reports
is simply what you've done (or will be doing) that may impact others, and
to raise any concerns about the release or things being done with/by
other teams.

I've CCed the usual suspects on this email, in hopes that we'll see the
weekly reports start back up.  If they don't, we may have to threaten a
meeting just to get people back on track with weekly reports.  None of us
want that, right?  Right?

I'm not wildly picky about when in the week you choose to make these
reports, frequency (once a week) is more important than timing.  If it's
easier for you to bang out your weekly report and send it immediately
following a team meeting (for instance, this would be Wednesday for the
Foundations team meeting), then do that.  A consistent report at the
same time every week is much more valuable than only getting half of them
at a prescribed time on Friday.

If the people CCed in this email are no longer the ones responsible for
sending out the reports for their team, please do pass this along to the
person this task is now delegated to.  Thanks in advance, and such.

on behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team,

... Adam

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