12.04.1 Freeze updates

Kate Stewart kate.stewart at ubuntu.com
Thu Aug 16 20:23:18 UTC 2012

Dear Developers and Testers,

  The data center move had a few surprises, and some of you may have
noticed we haven't had working image builders today.    As a result,
the last builds and testing prior to final freeze have been impacted.

Fixes to be included in 12.04.1 should still be validated by 
2100 UTC and copied into -updates. (original FinalFreeze). 

To give us time to get the final adjustments made (and
builders to get back online and caught up),  candidate images 
for 12.04.1 are targetted to be published on the iso tracker 
on 8/17.

We're pushing out the 12.04.1 Release Note Freeze until 
2100 UTC 8/20.

on behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team

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