[QA] Release Meeting 2012-08-03

Gema Gomez gema.gomez-solano at canonical.com
Fri Aug 3 20:12:11 UTC 2012

Hi all,

sorry for the delay sending this email, we have been very focused on the
sprint and didn't really find the time to send it earlier.

=== Release Testing ===

==== Quantal Testing ====
* Installer:
- Desktop:
   - No new issue found this week.

- Alternate:
   - 20120801 failed: [Bug 1031779] Quantal alternate amd64 and i386
daily build(20120801) installation failed: libexttextcat0 : Depends:
libexttextcat-data (= 3.2.0-2ubuntu1) but 3.3.1-2 is to be installed
     Fix verified with build 20120803

- Server:
   - 20120730 minimal-virtual installation Unstable [Bug 1028453]
Quantal Ubuntu Server minimal install oversized

* Upgrades:
[Bug 1022927] Upgrade tests failed: obsolete files left after the upgrade

==== Precise Testing ====
* Installer
No new issue found.

* Upgrades:
[Bug 1022927] Upgrade tests failed: obsolete files left after the upgrade

=== What was done engineering wise? ===

Some highlights of the progress this week:

- Bootspeed testing is being reworked and the new version of the tests
will be running with UTAH soon (end of next week). The testing will be
more reliable and we will work on better reporting once the data is on a
database next week.
- We've outlined a roadmap for the QA Dashboard and added more details
to the UTAH one.
- We are on track to start substituting existing iso testing jobs (ready
for server, getting ready for desktop) with the equivalent UTAH jobs. We
won't switch probably until UDS but we are making good progress
- We've learnt about Autopilot and will be looking into using it for
some of our own testing next cycle in conjunction with UTAH.
- We have ARM hardware set up in the lab, and we are ready to start
deploying ARM jenkins jobs when we go back.
- Jean-Baptiste has been transferring some of his current workload to
other members of the team, so that he can start working on some upstream
testing. So expect to be redirected to someone else when you ping him on
certain topics. For instance, I will be attending the release meeting
for a while and babyface and psivaa will be communicating Jenkins
failures and following up with the release team on daily basis.
- Added more HW to the lab.

=== What's about to land that might impact the other teams and release
as a whole? ===

Refurbished and new fully functional bootspeed testing jobs about to
land. Existing report for the time being:

=== Summary of bugs working on by team (reasonably reliable) ===


=== Dependencies on other teams to make deliverables, blocking items,
release wide concerns? ===

None apart from the known issue of builds taking too long and making the
testing cycle at milestones slow.

=== Team Status ===

Gema Gomez-Solano        <gema.gomez-solano at canonical.com>
Ubuntu QA Team           https://launchpad.net/~gema.gomez
Canonical Ltd.           http://www.canonical.com

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