[QA] Release Meeting 2012-04-20

Jean-Baptiste Lallement jean-baptiste at ubuntu.com
Fri Apr 20 09:57:19 UTC 2012

== Precise Testing ==

* Precise automated upgrade testing:
   * Main all upgrade failed:
[Bug 983981] Re: Lucid -> Precise main failed to upgrade: ERROR: 
pycompile:Requested versions are not installed dpkg: error processing 
python2.7-minimal installed post-installation script returned error exit 
status 3
Fix verified and uploaded to precise-proposed

* Precise installation testing (aggregated results reported to the 
tracker for current week)

* Coverage Breakdown by flavor and architecture:
	Flavor	Arch	Coverage	Pass Rate	
	Edubuntu	amd64	100.00%	100.00%	
	Edubuntu	i386	100.00%	100.00%	
	Kubuntu	amd64	11.11%	100.00%	
	Kubuntu	amd64+mac	14.29%	100.00%	
	Kubuntu	i386	20.00%	100.00%	
	Lubuntu	amd64	100.00%	82.35%	
	Lubuntu	amd64+mac	71.43%	100.00%	
	Lubuntu	i386	100.00%	80.00%	
	Netboot	amd64	50.00%	100.00%	
	Netboot	i386	50.00%	100.00%	
	Ubuntu	amd64	92.86%	97.03%	
	Ubuntu	amd64+mac	100.00%	95.83%	
	Ubuntu	armhf+omap	100.00%	100.00%	
	Ubuntu	i386	82.14%	98.31%	
	Ubuntu Core	amd64	100.00%	100.00%	
	Ubuntu Core	armel	100.00%	100.00%	
	Ubuntu Core	armhf	100.00%	100.00%	
	Ubuntu Core	i386	100.00%	100.00%	
	Ubuntu Server	amd64	63.64%	100.00%	
	Ubuntu Server	armhf+omap4	100.00%	0.00%	
	Ubuntu Server	i386	78.95%	100.00%	
	Ubuntu Studio	i386	100.00%	100.00%	
	Upgrade	amd64	66.67%	61.90%	
	Upgrade	i386	66.67%	70.83%	
	Upgrade	Wubi	100.00%	100.00%	
	Wubi	amd64	100.00%	100.00%	
	Wubi	i386	100.00%	100.00%	
	Xubuntu	amd64	44.44%	100.00%	
	Xubuntu	i386	22.22%	100.00%	

* Defects reported to the tracker this week
=== Fixed/Closed Issues ===
==== High ====
    * Bug:985305	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	Fix Released	[omap4] 
/etc/network/interfaces not created on a no-network installation
    * Bug:982883	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	Fix Released	[UIFe] Wrong color of 
top panel in ubiquity-dm
    * Bug:946663	partman-target (Ubuntu)	Fix Released	Installer stuck at 
"Removing conflicting operating system files..."
    * Bug:960096	libxklavier (Ubuntu)	Fix Released	Live session started 
with wrong layout
    * Bug:960096	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	Fix Released	Live session started 
with wrong layout
    * Bug:792652	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	Fix Released	ubiquity crashed with 
ValueError in command(): I/O operation on closed file

==== Medium ====
    * Bug:985309	jasper-initramfs (Ubuntu)	Fix Released	[omap4] 
/etc/fstab still has warning "UNCONFIGURED FSTAB FOR BASE SYSTEM", and 
is inconsistent with options

==== Undecided ====
    * Bug:983936	ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu)	Fix Released 
multimedia slide show banshee
    * Bug:985526	partman-target (Ubuntu)	Fix Released	exit with error if 
encryption is selected
    * Bug:983833	ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu)	Fix Released	Time in 
slideshow is set to 11:10 but should be 12:04
    * Bug:985913	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	Invalid	Location/TimeZone not 
selected automatically

=== Open Issues ===
==== High ====
    * Bug:966480	casper (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	The prompt asking for media 
removal is not shown at the end of the installation
    * Bug:982663	compiz (Ubuntu)	New	dragging windows leaves trails
    * Bug:985065	xkeyboard-config (Ubuntu)	Triaged	Can't use fr/oss 
keyboard layout by default
    * Bug:964331	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	New	Ubiquity chooses which drive to 
install to with no user input
    * Bug:983981	python2.7 (Ubuntu)	In Progress	Lucid -> Precise  main 
failed to upgrade: ERROR: pycompile:Requested versions are not installed 
dpkg: error processing python2.7-minimal installed post-installation 
script returned error exit status 3
    * Bug:985280	livecd-rootfs (Ubuntu)	New	[omap4] Package installation 
completely fails silently if no network is available
    * Bug:982485	nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu)	Triaged	nvidia 295.40 
breaks unity 3d
    * Bug:511379	bcmwl (Ubuntu)	Triaged	Jockey fails to install Broadcom 
STA wireless driver (BCM4311)
    * Bug:985737	livecd-rootfs (Ubuntu)	New	Tasks selected in oem-config 
are downloaded, but not installed, or configured ...

==== Medium ====
    * Bug:819900	livecd-rootfs (Ubuntu)	In Progress	package pool 
implementation needs to update apt
    * Bug:979267	lightdm-gtk-greeter (Ubuntu)	Confirmed 
lightdm-gtk-greeter crashed with SIGSEGV in start_authentication()
    * Bug:965568	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	Unable to derive hostname 
via dhcp in oem-config
    * Bug:413624	jockey (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	jockey-gtk crashed with 
BackendCrashError in convert_dbus_exceptions()
    * Bug:971425	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	New	installation media shown in list 
of devices available for installation
    * Bug:747229	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	weird color change during 
oem-config debconf package removal step in serial installs
    * Bug:985358	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	Incomplete	installation crash 
(migrating documents) none selected
    * Bug:973227	network-manager (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	Live session, access 
points no more showed.
    * Bug:985791	apt-setup (Ubuntu)	New	After installation from cdrom, 
apt-setup comments out the CD from installation
    * Bug:838714	nautilus (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	ISO testing: "Examples" 
folder and "Install Ubuntu 11.10" icons overlap each other on the desktop
    * Bug:961133	linux (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	No video output from Ubuntu 
Desktop ARM Images on my Pandaboard to my DVI monitor
    * Bug:985287	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	New	[omap4] No prompt for landscape 
or automatic security update installation during oem-config
    * Bug:897921	grub2 (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	Corrupted grub screen in 
Precise alpha1
    * Bug:983681	linux (Ubuntu)	Triaged	Floppy keeps running forever 
after every access
    * Bug:940334	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	Triaged	Ubiquity says I'm not 
connected  to the internet, but I am

==== Low ====
    * Bug:985291	livecd-rootfs (Ubuntu)	New	[oem-config] Generated 
/etc/apt/sources.list inconsistent with normal installations
    * Bug:982932	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	Triaged	Proxy settings not preserved 
upon installation
    * Bug:924399	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	oem-config-debconf window 
size issue on keyboard selection screen
    * Bug:982911	partman-base (Ubuntu)	Triaged	advanced partioner shows 
2 0MB free 'Free space' items in list
    * Bug:940919	indicator-datetime (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	clock is not 
automatically set in live session

==== Wishlist ====
    * Bug:940919	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	Triaged	clock is not automatically 
set in live session

==== Undecided ====
    * Bug:985965	jockey (Ubuntu)	New	missing drivers for broadcom 
wireless card in additional drivers
    * Bug:985803	pidgin (Ubuntu)	New	pdgin icon caption not correct
    * Bug:982924	ecryptfs-utils (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	"Record you 
passphrase" notification untranslated
    * Bug:985968	wireless-tools (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	Broadcom Firmware 
Missing for Live CD Precise Pangolin RC
    * Bug:985804	debian-installer (Ubuntu)	New	Expert mode does not 
offer all described keyboard configuration options
    * Bug:974125	mplayer2 (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	mplayer crashes with 
illegal instruction
    * Bug:985874	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	New	Lubuntu ISO hang on partition, 
when ubiquity using French
    * Bug:967308	ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu)	New	Sync slideshow 
apps with Ubuntu : Mention Gnote or Zim in the slideshow
    * Bug:985836	debian-installer (Ubuntu)	Incomplete	Failed to install 
grub in expert mode
    * Bug:985387	clock-setup (Ubuntu)	New	clock-setup does not respond 
for about 65 seconds
    * Bug:985247	oem-config (Ubuntu)	New	During installation, if you hit 
cancel during network config it kicks you to the start of the 
installation ...
    * Bug:985756	software-center (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	package installation 
not notified
    * Bug:985971	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	New	Ubiquity failed to install grub 
in precise 20120419.1
    * Bug:985813	calibre (Ubuntu)	New	wrong conversion from epub to pdf
    * Bug:974774	mplayer2 (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	illegal hardware instruction
    * Bug:941399	xdg-user-dirs (Ubuntu)	Confirmed	Scrivania contents 
differ from the Desktop ones
    * Bug:985986	ubiquity (Ubuntu)	Incomplete	ubiquity crashed before 
copying files

=== Boot speed Testing ===
(broken again)

== What was done engineering wise? ==

== What's about to land that might impact the other teams? ==

=== Release Notes ===

== Summary of bugs working on by team ==
  * http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/qa/qa-open-bugs.html

== Dependencies on other teams, blocking items ==

== Issues? ==

== Blueprints and Status ==
  * Work Item Status for Precise: 

irc: jibel

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