[Systems] Release Meeting 2012-04-13

Andrea Cimitan andrea.cimitan at canonical.com
Fri Apr 13 13:10:25 UTC 2012

No blocking items.
Weekly releases, focusing on bugfixing.

=== Releases ===
* indicators
  - indicator-application
  - dbusmenu
  - indicator-messages
  - indicator-power
  - libindicator

=== Summary of bugs ===
* indicators
  - Triaged all open High and Medium indicator bugs to decide which 
tickets to prioritize for the final week
  - Fix blank icon display in indicator-messages #956147
  - dbusmenu grouping improvements
  - Fix telepathy disconnected status in indicator-messages
  - Fix broken parent_object entry pointer in indicator-application
  - Better judging of whether an underscore in the menu is a mnemonic or 
not #903200
  - Fixed libindicator crasher #946408
  - Silenced excessive dbusmenu logging noise #977803
  - Fixed nautilus dbusmenu crash when updating menu icons #949821
  - Improvements to indicator-power a11y #953176
  - Plugged GIcon memory leaks in indicator-power
  - Improved gcov autotool rules in indicator-power
  - CPU race between nautilus, hud and unity-service #965493
  - make appmenu registrar emit unregistered signal properly (fix hud 
bad behaviour)
  - apply minimum penalty to indicators in hud searches
* printing
  - Setting image rendering resolution in pdftops CUPS filter to avoid 
slow processing of print jobs on Postscript printers #977912
* utouch
  - #980041 Button mask and labels are reported wrong, array offset of 1 
  - #974017 Crash when touching Apple trackpad with 11 fingers
  - #974887 unity 3d touch stops registering clicks
  - #979418 Pointer locks up after dragging windows with three touch gesture
  - #975356 Logging from signal context is unsafe
  - #979855 GEISv1 no longer reports devices on initialization
  - #973539 unity-2d-shell crashed with SIGSEGV in 
geis_subscription_bag_find() on remote login
  - #969554 Performing a pinch gesture over a window has no effect
  - #940612 three-finger move does not move (Precise)
  - #978378 A window can be moved even when some fingers are not over it
  - Rebasing geisv2 port of unity gestures code on top of changes for 

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