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Stefano Rivera stefanor at
Tue Apr 3 10:03:56 UTC 2012

Hi Kate (2012.04.02_23:54:43_+0200)
> Does this seem like a reasonable way to leverage -proposed?  spread the
> release team review work to where it matters most and still accomplish
> goal?   alternatives?

I don't have much comment on the above, as I don't play much with seeded

> Also, for those packages that are in unseeded universe,  FFes and fixes 
> will continue to be reviewed and accepted into -release until the
> FinalUnseededUniverseFreeze at April 24 at 0900 UTC (per earlier
> discussions [1].     Iain, Stefan, Stefano, Scott, Iulian - will one of
> you volunteer to be the focal point contact?   Am assuming you all be
> using #ubuntu-motu to discuss/monitor unseeded universe during the time
> from when the archive freezes?   Is this correct?

What are you actually looking for here? We aren't required to sign off
every upload before final freeze, so we just need an archive admin to
verify that uploads are unseeded, and wave them through.
We can point archive admins at these uploads, but can't approve them

Most of the time, I don't follow the queue flood in #ubuntu-release, as
it'll probably be approved by an admin without my involvement.
Or would it be helpful if we did follow it and asked for approvals?

It's hard to be a focal point of contact with MOTU, but we can respond
to any "can I upload this" queries. We get a good few of those, but the
response is usually "If you have to ask, you should be filing an FFe".


Stefano Rivera
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