Clarifying Unseeded Universe Freeze

Iain Lane laney at
Thu Sep 29 09:39:09 UTC 2011


On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 05:36:09PM -0500, Kate Stewart wrote:
> Dear Ubuntu release team members, 
>   On the #ubuntu-release IRC channel today the discussion of when should
> the unseeded universe freeze came up today. A proposal was made to
> freeze it 36 hours before the final images are published. 
> […] 
> What do others think?   pro's/con's of moving from 5 days to 1.5 days?

1.5 days is fine for the hard freeze. As in after that we expect you to
SRU stuff unless that isn't possible for some reason.

I proposed that we make Final Freeze a bit earlier than that in order
that we can get some people concentrating on fixing important bugs.
For example ubuntuwire's rcbugs currently has some stuff we want.

Maybe I'm using terminology a bit different, but I'm taking Unseeded
Universe Final Freeze as "now we are only taking important fixes (as
determined by the release team)" — basically all FFe after this point
are nacked and deferred to P. Up until this date we are still in Feature
Freeze as far as I understand it.


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