Clarifying Unseeded Universe Freeze

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Thu Sep 29 01:42:32 UTC 2011

Kate Stewart <kate.stewart at> wrote:

>Dear Ubuntu release team members, 
> On the #ubuntu-release IRC channel today the discussion of when should
>the unseeded universe freeze came up today. A proposal was made to
>freeze it 36 hours before the final images are published. 
>The precedents that exist in our current process documentation right
>     * Work with universe/multiverse community to identify delegates to
>       approve Feature Freeze Exceptions, in addition to ubuntu-release
>        until the date of Final Freeze for universe.
>      * Set the Final Freeze date (typically at release minus 5 days)
>        for universe/multiverse for the packages that are NOT found on
>        any installation media. 
>     * Universe/multiverse delegates and final freeze date is broadcast
>        to ubuntu-devel-discuss and ubuntu-devel-announce. 
>        * For packages in universe that aren't seeded in any of the
>        Ubuntu flavors, this final freeze is nominal; packages must be
>        manually accepted by the archive admins, but no additional
>        approval is required until the Unseeded Universe Final Freeze.
>Have I missed any other references to the Unseeded Universe Freeze that
>are relevant?
>What do others think?   pro's/con's of moving from 5 days to 1.5 days?
It hasn't been 5 days in several releases. That's a leftover from before security-in-soyuz when we needed 3 days to copy the archive into the separate DAK instance used for -security.

1.5 days from the start of release day is nominally 12 hours for discovery and correction of some last minute really, really serious problem and 24 hours for mirror sync.

Since it takes having a package to publish to trigger a publisher run, it's useful to have some unseeded packages in queue in case last minute seed changes are needed.

Scott K

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