[Desktop] Release meeting 2011-11-25

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Fri Nov 25 17:10:58 UTC 2011

Hello Jamie,

Jamie Strandboge [2011-11-25 10:54 -0600]:
> \o/ I assume this also means mono is also demoted. :)

That wasn't planned so far, as this would mean quite a lot of work. In
particular, it would mean that none of our libraries in main could
build Mono bindings any more, and we don't want to drop them. But it
could certainly fall out of the 5 year LTS support.

> Out of curiosity, will this include a promotion of gnote? (this is the
> gtk2 port of tomboy and works quite well, excepting the lack of an
> indicator (which could be easily written)). 

I heard some bad things about its stability, but this is all just
hearsay. If someone actually uses it, and it's stable enough for a
default install, MIRing/adding it sounds fine to me. It's ported to
GTK-3 and all that. Of course we wouldn't have the U1 notes sync for
this, unless someone actually implements this.

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