[Foundations] Release meeting 2011-11-25

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Fri Nov 25 06:58:30 UTC 2011

Colin Watson [2011-11-24 23:45 +0000]:
>  * Made various archive sanity reports run more quickly and more
>    responsively versus publisher runs.


>  * More work on Upstart job logging; sorting out inotify handling in
>    test code.

How likely will inotify land in precise? Evan could probably save
himself a lot of work by using that for the crash database uploading
instead of reimplementing all the apport report parsing in C and
writing a daemon for it.

>  * New ISO tracker (currently largely working;
>    daily builds are being posted to it automatically.

Seems down ATM?

>  * Foundations and desktop probably ought to agree on
>    https://launchpad.net/bugs/893842.  My inclination would be to go
>    with the new group layout, but that desktop code should tolerate both
>    old and new administrative groups, probably indefinitely (or else we
>    need explicit transition code).

Agreed. I'm leaning towards "indefinitely" here, as it sounds
difficult to migrate group names if they are in LDAP/NIS/etc.

I fixed that bug in polkit-1 now. However, I'm fairly sure that there
are other places in Ubuntu which test for "admin" membership and
should now check for both. One that comes to my mind is
policykit-desktop-privileges (added task, fixing as we speak), but we
also need to look for this in e. g.
accountsservice/gnome-control-center (which group to put users in when
you mark them as "admin"), presumably the corresponding KDE part, etc.
I think we should add tasks to above bug as we encounter them.


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