Request for help... want to see a specific image in Ubuntu's Natty Release?

Kate Stewart kate.stewart at
Wed Mar 23 01:34:36 UTC 2011

Dear Developers, Testers and Passionate Hardware Platform Enthusiasts, 

   One of the decisions from UDS last October was that we wouldn't be
releasing any unverified images in Natty.   

   In working through all the daily builds we do, there are some release
images without folks signed up to verify that the images created are
ready to ship and make a go/no go decision on them.

   If you have the necessary hardware for a specific release image and
an interest in seeing that a specific product is available with the
Natty release,  we need some volunteers to sign up to do the sanity
testing for the product images without contacts listed in:

   What's involved you ask?  

- A commitment to test the specific image on the following days:
3/29-30 (Beta 1),  4/12-13 (Beta 2)  and 4/26-27 (Proposed final image).

- Work with the Ubuntu testing team to make sure the results of tests
for that image (and any bugs found) are recorded on the ISO tracker for
that image.

- Notify the Ubuntu release team of any issues that should be documented
in the release notes.

   If you're able to help out,  feel free to go onto the wiki and edit
it to add your name as the contact for a specific product and send a
note to the specific product manager and myself letting us know you're
willing to help.

   Please feel free to contact me directly via email or IRC
(#ubuntu-release on freenode) if you have further questions.

Thanks for your help with this!

Kate Stewart
on behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team

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