2011-02-25 Ubuntu release meeting agenda

Kate Stewart kate.stewart at canonical.com
Fri Feb 25 06:02:31 UTC 2011

Natty release meeting will be at the regularly scheduled time.

Reminder:  Alpha 3 is schedule for March 3, 2011.
           Alpha 3 Freeze will be on Feb 28, 2011 at 2300 UTC.

Now that we're in feature freeze, to help with focus on the critical
bugs, the bug summary format in the agenda has changed a bit.  Please
let me know if a bug you're aware of that we should be tracking has been
accidentally dropped.  The scripts to generate the bug data are still
being debugged ;)

* Location: #ubuntu-meeting 

* Agenda: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseTeam/Meeting/Agenda 

Ubuntu Release Team Info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseTeam

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