2011-02-11 Ubuntu Release Meating Minutes

Kate Stewart kate.stewart at canonical.com
Mon Feb 14 19:23:49 UTC 2011

Overall: Teams are starting into the A3 feature groove :), bug backlog
is still a bit high in some areas. 

Team Summaries:
  * QA: Linux, LibreOffice, and Unity are toping the list of incoming
    bugs over last week. 
  * HW Cert: All servers for 11.04 except 1 are now reporting results,
    desktop runs not done this week due to hardware relocation. 
      * Bugs under focus: 714829, 695842, 715871 
  * Security: Making progress on work items for Natty, nothing A3
      * Bugs under focus: bug:344878, bug:712662 (pending doko input),
        bug:714908, bug:714958, bug:715874. 
  * Kernel: uploaded two kernels with the latest v2.6.38-3.30
    (v2.6.38-rc4 based) with lots of fixes for graphics, now mostly
    watching mainline 
      * Bugs under focus: see Kernel team report. 
  * Foundations: btrfs installs now confirmed to work properly again,
    Upstart visualisation and interactive boot work 
      * Bugs under focus: made progress this week, switching back to
        features for A3 
  * Server: working on awstrial, new openstack snapshot, working on LXC
    on openstack, and new packages including Handbreak plugin for mysql.
    Eucalyptus still remains to be a problem in Natty. 
      * Bugs under focus: regression showing up with bug:590201, will
        provide feedback on above list post meeting. 
  * Desktop: cleanup of A3 WI's in progress, annoying compiz bug about
    invisible windows should be fixed now, python-gobject ABI breakage
    has been hotfixed, so pygtk apps are running normally again 
      * Bugs under focus: 638827 is blocked on mozilla. 
  * UbuntuOne: shotwell not looking likely for Natty, unity integration
    has started, and banshee still needs some work. 
  * Kubuntu: kubuntu mobile mostly working again, libindicate-qt updated
    for new API, Qt being built with gcc 4.4 to work around issues with
    gcc 4.5 on ARM 
  * Thorny areas that need some focus and/or decisions: 
      * plymouth timing interactions with vesab (kernel, foundations) 
      * Eucalyptus (server) 
      * X - rolling back, or working around? (desktop, arm, kernel) 
      * python 2.6/2.7 vs. 2.7 only? (motu, foundations) 
      * picking up Linaro recent toolchain drop? (arm, foundations,
        linaro, kubuntu) 

Action Items:
* [release team] to revisit release freeze date, and its relation to
beta 2 
  * [zul] to provide update on status of server bugs highlighted in
  * [wendar] to post resolution on the Python 2.6/2.7 vs Python 2.7
    inclusion in Natty 
  * [skaet] follow up with doko after he returns on Linaro toolchain

Full summary and links to logs can be found:


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