Natty Beta 2 Freeze, now in effect, and up coming dates...

Kate Stewart kate.stewart at
Mon Apr 11 22:27:59 UTC 2011

   Some questions have been coming up as to what the
Natty release schedule looks like for the remainder of
the month.   

   Here's what was discussed on ubuntu-release mail list and 
referenced in the weekly meetings over the last month, 

        Beta 2 freeze - 4/11 (0900 UTC) - hard freeze today
        Beta 2 release - 4/14
        Main/Seeded Final Freeze 4/14 
           (basically archive stays frozen,  
            only important bug fixes from this point forward)
        Last bug fix 4/21 (0900 UTC)- hard freeze 
           (only release blocking bug fixes, requested by release team)
        Unseeded Universe/Multiverse Final Freeze - 4/26 (1200 UTC)
        Natty release 4/28

If you've got any questions or concerns, please send an email to the
ubuntu-release mail list or join us on #ubuntu-release, on Freenode.

Thanks, Kate
on behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team. 

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