2011/04/01 Ubuntu 11.04 Release Meeting

Kate Stewart kate.stewart at canonical.com
Fri Apr 1 14:33:45 UTC 2011

Reminder:  we will have release meeting in ~30 minutes.

Thank you to everyone for the hard work over the last week to get those
bugs fixed, and the beta 1 release out.  Some very impressive debugging
and teamwork to pull it all together - well done!

We're all still pulling in bug data, assessing the priorities, etc.
after yesterday's push, so a regular style meeting is not appropriate
but I'd like to have a quick meeting to review the plan for the next
month, and get input if there are any blockers or critical issues, that
the teams need help with.

  - Format will be quick round table.
  - Please share any status you have already prepared, but we're all 
    still assessing where we are post release, so don't stress if 
    nothing ready. 
  - please just highlight: 
      - any help you need from other teams, or blockers
      - any issues you are particularily worried about
        for the release.
I'll publish the bug list after I finish doing the analysis as meeting
minutes later today/monday. 

Thanks,  Kate  

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