Proposed use of maverick-updates for Linaro release staging

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Sun Oct 3 19:56:10 BST 2010

Hi Martin,

On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 09:30:04AM +0200, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hello Steve,

> we already spoke about this, I just have some small comments, and want
> to reply for the purpose of a paper trail.

> Steve Langasek [2010-09-24  0:07 -0700]:
> >   Mon, October 25:   UDS begins.
> > 
> >   Wed, October 27:   Freeze of the maverick-proposed queue.

> So you plan to have some extensive Linaro work during UDS? If this is
> doable, then this sounds nice, since a lot of the devs are at UDS, and
> thus the flow of SRUs will slown down anyway.

Most of the Linaro engineers will be at UDS also, so I don't expect
"extensive Linaro work" going on.  The mid-week freeze date is chosen to
give a minimum safe window - we could also freeze on Monday instead if you
prefer, I was trying to be minimally disruptive with the freeze.

> > No further uploads are accepted without coordination with the Linaro
> > release manager

> How deeply do you intend to freeze the queue? By and large allow no
> other SRUs, or that we allow general Ubuntu SRUs as long as they are
> either completely unrelated to Linaro (i. e. not shipped on the
> images), or are relevant for Linaro as well, and we can be sure that
> we can verify them quickly?

Definitely the latter.

> >   Thu, November  4:  All maverick SRUs to be included in the Linaro images
> > are verification-done and promoted to maverick-updates.

> That gives us just 8 days to build and verify everything, so that's
> not a lot of slack. However, since you have the fallback of building
> from -updates only, this sounds okay to me.

> > The total length of the maverick-proposed freeze would be 12 days.

> That will stall quite a lot of general Ubuntu SRUs, since it's still
> close to the final 10.10 release, but 12 days sounds acceptable to me,
> with the possible exceptions below:

> > In any case, the Linaro team would be happy to accomodate requests
> > from the SRU team for exceptions to this proposed freeze; we're
> > mostly just asking for coordination to prevent any disruptions to
> > the image mastering.

> > Does this sound like a workable plan?

> Sounds fine to me.

> For the record, I'll be on Plumber's the week after UDS, so I can't
> help a lot with SRU coordination in the week from Nov 1 to 7. I'll try
> to squeeze in some review time, though.

Understood.  Jamie will also be at Plumbers that week, so maybe that will
make coordination with the Linaro release team easier? :)  For my part, I
expect to put in a fair amount of effort that week helping to close out
SRUs, what with it being our fault and all.

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