10.04.1 Release Schedule Update

Robbie Williamson robbie at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 21 10:15:28 BST 2010

Hello all,

Yesterday the Ubuntu Release team, SRU team, and team tech leads had a
meeting about the first lucid point release preparation.

This is the current list of targeted bugs:


We'll most likely drop some more, but by and large 10.04.1 will be
what is currently in -updates and -security, hopefully most of what is
currently in -proposed, and a lot of what is on above milestone list.

Due to not having a full-time release manager (apologies from me on
this), we need to push back the release date from the originally planned
date of July 29th to August 12th.  This will give use one more week to
develop bug fixes, one week to test them in -proposed,
and one week to roll and vet images. 

Please note that this schedule change *DOES NOT AFFECT 10.10*...we are
firmly committed to delivering Maverick Meerkat on 10.10.10. ;)


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