New cairomm upstream release: request for freeze exception

Daniel Elstner daniel.kitta at
Wed Apr 21 12:56:15 BST 2010


I'm a developer of the GNOME C++ bindings and co-maintainer of gtkmm.
It recently came to our attention that the Debian maintainer of the
cairomm package has gone AWOL, causing the package to be stuck at the
outdated version 1.8.0.

The current stable version of cairomm is 1.8.4, which was released in
October 2009.  This release fixes a number of serious bugs, among them
both of the currently open Ubuntu bugs for the cairomm package.  Also,
there was an accidental ABI break in release 1.8.0 of cairomm.  This
break was fixed with version 1.8.2.  Quoting from the release
announcement by Jonathon Jongsma:

        1.8.0 was released with an accidental ABI breakage which should
        be fixed by this release.  Please consider release 1.8.0

I filed Lauchpad bug #566986 and uploaded an updated package to my PPA:

Please consider a freeze exception for cairomm in light of the severity
of the situation due to the accidental ABI break.


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