[Ubuntu-QC] [Fwd: Inquiering about Jeremy Pallats - starcraftman]

idleone oneidle at gmail.com
Lun 29 Mar 23:34:11 BST 2010

Hi Collin and Fabian,

Does #ubuntu-qc have logs and can we search them for any clue as to why
Jeremy may have stop coming to the channel or taken a "break" from irc?

Collin same questions for #ubuntu-beginners. Might be a good idea to
search the logs.


On Mon, 2010-03-29 at 08:48 -0400, Fabian Rodriguez wrote:
> Hi Collin. I am forwarding this to the QC team. I had noticed his
> absence too from our channel.
> Qq'un aurait des nouvelles de Jeremy ? J'ai aussi remarqué son absence
> sur IRC.
> Merci de répondre directement à Collin en CC à moi.
> Fabian
> 514-880-6322
> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: 	Inquiering about Jeremy Pallats - starcraftman
> Date: 	Sun, 28 Mar 2010 20:01:54 -0400
> From: 	Collin Pruitt <hellow at ubuntu.com>
> To: 	info at fabianrodriguez.com
> Hello there. I am sending you this email to inquire about a member of
> your LoCo team, Jeremy Pallats/starcraftman.
> I am a member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team - a team primarily centered
> around helping new users get involved in the Ubuntu community. Multiple
> members of our team are concerned about Jeremy due to the fact that he
> has not logged in to Freenode IRC in over 7 weeks, and the forums in 4
> weeks. Multiple team members have sent emails to his email addresses,
> without reply.
> Could you provide any information as to why he has been absent for so long?
> Best Regards,
> Collin Pruitt (Hellow)
> ---
> Collin Pruitt
> Ubuntu Member
> http://hellow.ath.cx/

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