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Subject: Launchpad 1.1.10 released!
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 14:02:28 +0100
From: Matthew Revell <matthew.revell at canonical.com>
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Welcome to Launchpad's October 2007 release, 1.1.10!

Let's take a look at some of the highlights:

  * Faster translations imports: more efficient import process to avoid
    queues at busy times.

  * New badges in branch listings: highlight mirroring errors and branches
    that have blueprint links.

  * Create FAQs from solved as well as open questions.

  * Easier sprint admin: meeting organisers can now download a CSV file
    of attendee details.

  * Adding a bug watch now checks for dupes: Launchpad will show all
    bugs that share a bug watch. Ideal for finding duplicate reports.

  * File downloads: product and series owners can now add downloadable
    files to a project.

  * PPA packages are now overridden to the main component and can be
    built against all Ubuntu components.

Ubuntu bug triagers will be pleased to hear that the "Source package"
panel has returned to distribution package bug pages.

Also this month we're pleased to welcome Zope 2, Exaile and the Intel
Mobile Linux project who are now using Launchpad to track their bugs!

For a detailed view of what's new in each part of Launchpad, read on.

General Launchpad

  * Milestones can now have a description. The description is displayed
    on the milestone index and listing pages and can be edited by users
    who have permission to modify the milestone. (Bug 135821)
  * When a new project is registered, Launchpad now requires that the
    project's licence be specified. (Bug 117276)
  * Teams owners can now request a team merger by filing a request with
    a Launchpad administrator. (Bug 29177)
  * Team overview pages now show that team's number of active, proposed
    and inactive members.
  * User profiles now include the full URL for that person's wiki
    entries, rather than just their wiki names. (Bug 103376)
  * Teams have a FOAF RDF view at /~team-name/+rdf and it now includes
    each member's Launchpad username as "foaf:nick". (Bug 153251)
  * Launchpad URLs are all lower case. Now, URLs with upper case
    characters are redirected to the correct URL. For example:
    https://launchpad.net/Ubuntu now redirects to
    https://launchpad.net/ubuntu. (Bug 56646)
  * Inactive accounts are no longer returned in people searches.
    (Bug 97528)

Distribution Management including PPA (Soyuz)

  * PPAs no longer have ogre-model build constraints and sources are
    built against all components of Ubuntu and the PPA in question.
    Source uploads and their binary results will be always overridden.
  * Build failure notification emails now have two additional headers:
    "X-Launchpad-Build-Component:" and "X-Launchpad-Build-Arch:".
    (Bug 134860)
  * Previously, when a package was uploaded to PPA with an unknown
    section in its changes file, the section was automatically changed
    to "misc". This caused a confusing error: when the build was
    uploaded, the section in its .dsc file was not the same as the
    changes-file section. This section override now only affects
    uploads to the Ubuntu archive and not PPAs. (Bug 140522)
  * PPA packages are now presented in a separate section on a user's
    packages page. (Bug 135669)
  * All source package changelogs now add a link to references with the
    format "LP: #nnn" to the relevant bug page. (Bug 116309)
  * Packages, Sources and Release files have been restored to the
    indices/md5sums.gz file in the Ubuntu archive. (Bug 144719)
  * Several UI improvements have been made to PPA and  distro source
    package pages.
  * The contents of each package in a PPA can now be viewed on the PPA
    overview page by clicking the arrow beside the package name.

  Bug Tracker

  * The "source package" information panel has been restored for bugs
    reported against distribution packages. This shows the package's
    latest release, uploader, maintainer, maintainer defaults and which
    series the package was originally uploaded to. (Bug 134220)
  * Links to external websites that are added to a bug report are now
    collated at the bottom of the bug description. (Bug 5998)
  * Changes to a bug's milestone are now recorded in the bug's activity
    log. (Bug 65660)
  * When adding a link to an external bug, Launchpad will now also show
    any other bugs that link to that same external bug. This will help
    the discovery of duplicate bugs. (Bug 29206)
  * If there is a problem updating the status of a bug watch, Launchpad
    now displays an error message. (Bug 38489)
  * The overview page for an external bug tracker that is registered in
    Launchpad has a related projects panel to show which projects
    Launchpad knows are using this bug tracker. Previously, the panel
    listed only project groups (e.g. GNOME), whereas it now also lists
    projects (e.g. Ekiga, Epiphany, libart and so on). (Bug 123518)
  * The Bug Tracker's email interface now supports adding and removing
    milestones from a bug. (Bug 54389)
  * The name that Launchpad holds for an external bug tracker can now
    be changed. (Bug 135531)

Code Hosting

  * Bug-branch links are now deletable. Bug branch links are also
    editable directly from both the bug and branch details pages.
    ( Blueprints launchpad-bazaar and
    blueprint delete-branches-bug-branch)
  * Branches with links to blueprints are now marked with a badge in
    branch listings. Similarly, a warning badge is displayed against
    mirrored branches that have suffered a mirroring error.
    (Bug 79492 and blueprint listing-badges)
  * Branch listings are now sortable by lifecycle status, branch name,
    author, registrant, age and time of last change. (Bug 148226)


  * FAQs can be created for solved questions to aid discussion of the
    issue. Previously, FAQs could only be created for open questions.
    (Bug 135829)


  * People who have registered their intention to attend a meeting or
    sprint can download a CSV file of everyone who has indicated that
    they plan to attend. (Bugs 70828 and 155961)


  * Importing translations into Launchpad should now be substantially
    faster. (blueprint super-fast-imports-phase1)
  * Translations for projects that do not use Launchpad Translations
    will now be hidden. This will prevent people from spending time
    creating translations that will not be used. Project owners can
    make translations visible for their project by selecting the
    "Translations for this project are done in Launchpad" check-box on
    the project's "edit details" page. (Bug 84499)

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