Ubuntu tainting the kernel with proprietary drivers ?

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Sam 10 Juin 14:32:23 BST 2006


Hubert Figuiere (hub) passed this to me on #ubuntu-qc (or was it #facil,
I don't remember):

I posted in a few IRC channels withouth much information, and don't know
how to handle it, but I see it as part of some trolls and rumour
spreading posts that we may encounter more and more as Ubuntu becomes
more popular. I can respond to most criticism but would like help on
this one.

I particularly don't like the subjective insinuations:
"What is shocking me is not that Ubuntu is a non-free distribution,
forcing all of its users to install non-free software. What is shocking
me is that almost nobody knows it and a lot of people install or offer
Ubuntu thinking it is free software ! I wonder how did Ubuntu people
manage to keep that so confidential, I don't even find this information
in the numerous Ubuntu vs Debian trolls...

*Update :* I have read more on Ubuntu website and found a page
<http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/about-ubuntu.html> stating
/Ubuntu is an entirely open source operating system built around the
Linux kernel/ which is false as drdsl is binary only app, and some other
page where things are written more carrefully. The page about licencing
<http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing> tell /All of the application
software installed by default is Free Software./ which is true if they
consider firmware as data and not as software (even if I think it is).
Regarding the data (they list firmware in it), they say /The Ubuntu
community will make decisions on the inclusion of these works on a
case-by-case basis, ensuring that these works do not restrict our
ability to make Ubuntu available free of charge, and that Ubuntu remains
redistributable by you/ so nothing about freedom..."

Thanks for any hints on how to address this. Feel free to pass it to
other more appropriate list(s) @ ubuntu.


Fabian Rodriguez

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