Call for testing: ubiquity-based desktop image respins

Ian Bruntlett ian.bruntlett at
Wed Feb 10 14:48:21 UTC 2021

Hi Lukasz,

I needed to update an old laptop that had been in an office ever since
Covid and Lockdown began.

Details: HP EliteBook 8730w with Nvidia graphics.
Installation media: USB memory stick with desktop image on it.

Installed this on it:-
$ sha256sum focal-desktop-amd64.iso

OK, so it *does* install OK and it *does* boot.

However it gets very hot and crashes, with only the mouse pointer moving.
Personally, I think it *might* be an Nvidia problem.

I did choose to install the 3rd party software etc. Maybe I should have
avoided that? So I rebooted and quickly went into "Software & Updates"
chose "Additional Drivers" and told it to switch from the Nvidia driver to
the Nouveau device driver. Exercised the system a bit, using gnome-clocks
as a timer. So far it has gone on for just over 20 minutes without
crashing. Kudos to the nouveau team!



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