Ubuntu 19.04 lacks OpenJDK 8 (because upstream deleted it?)

chris hermansen clhermansen at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 20:58:31 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

I know that I should have checked this a month ago... but upstream Debian
appears to have deleted OpenJDK 8 (with no reason given) and likewise it
appears to have disappeared mostly from Ubuntu 19.04.

I've been looking around on launchpad to try to find out what's going on
but so far without sucess.  Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

(To head off well meaning comments - OpenJDK 8 is still live and supported
through 2022 or so, and OpenJDK 11 breaks too many things to work as-is as
a dropin substitute).

Chris Hermansen · clhermansen "at" gmail "dot" com

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