Request to reset src:mariadb-10.1 to previous known working state in Ubuntu archives

Robie Basak robie.basak at
Thu Mar 29 12:19:33 UTC 2018

[adding pkg-mysql-maint; see
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Hi Otto,

On Fri, Mar 23, 2018 at 12:29:49PM +0000, Robie Basak wrote:
> I guess that the discussion is complete now? How do you want to proceed?
> Will you upload a src:mariadb-10.1 update to Debian? If not, I suppose I
> need to upload a src:mariadb-10.1 upload to Ubuntu to fix it for Bionic
> at least?

I've just looked at src:mariadb-10.1 1:10.1.29-6 in Bionic with a view
to uploading a revert to (effectively) 10.1.28-2 as you requested.

I only found two changes between those two versions that I think are

 1) The epoch bump.

 2) The dropping of the mariadb-test binary package (commit 27202e3,
    Debian bug #881898).

All other changes seem to be related to general bugfixes and
adjustments for upstream microreleases of 10.1, and I don't see any
problem with keeping these.

Since I can't revert the epoch, the only relevant change I can consider
is the dropping of the mariadb-test binary package, for which I think a
straightforward upload of a git revert of 27202e3 using a version of
1:10.1.29-7 (or 1:10.1.29-6ubuntu1 if Ubuntu-only) should be fine.

Without restoring mariadb-test, we have a dep8 failure that Steve had to
force-badtest to in Ubuntu get 1:10.1.29-6 into the Bionic release
pocket. I believe the same problem equally affects Debian.

Since both Debian and Ubuntu have removed src:mariadb-10.2, I think it
makes sense to restore mariadb-test in src:mariadb-10.1 in Debian and
sync this over to Ubuntu, assuming that this will actually fix the dep8
tests in both distributions.

In Ubuntu's upcoming Bionic release this should also help with future
microrelease updates.

I propose to:

  1) Verify as best as I can that dep8 will actually pass again with
     this change.

  2) Push a revert of 27202e3 to the master branch on salsa.

  3) Either upload to Debian and sync to Ubuntu, or upload a delta in Ubuntu
     carrying the same change, depending on whether I can get
     sponsorship for the Debian upload in time.

I believe this will clean up what we need for MariaDB packaging for both
Debian and Ubuntu. The only thing remaining will be the epoch bump,
which as discussed previously we cannot revert.

Does anyone have any alternative proposal to proceed? Otto, I know you
would prefer to revert the epoch, but I think it's safe to say that this
has or will be declined by Debian ftpmasters and Ubuntu archive admins,
so IMHO we need to consider that option closed now and proceed without.

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