call for testing: snapcraft

Carla Sella carla.sella at
Sun Mar 26 15:15:48 UTC 2017

On 24/03/2017 23:42, Leo Arias wrote:
> Hello!
> We are working on the final details of the snapcraft 2.28 release, and
> it is now in the proposed pocket of both xenial and yakkety.
> So, if you want to help us, we will appreciate a lot if you can give it a try.
> [...]
> If you are new to snapcraft and don't know where to go from here, this
> is a nice tutorial to follow:
> And if you want to test more, here's a testing guide for this release:
> We need to run extensive tests in xenial and yakkety, and it wouldn't
> hurt to do zesty too. For that one just use ubuntu:zesty on the lxc
> launch command.
> If you get lost, have questions or want to report your results, just
> reply here on the list. And if you find something weird or a clear
> bug, please report it!
> Have a nice weekend.
> pura vida
> [1]

Hello Leo,
I have checked the update process in yakkety, xenial and zesty and the 
all went fine.
In zetsy I created the Hello snap following this 
The snap bulit and ran fine.

Carla Sella
email: carla.sella at

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