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Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Fri Sep 9 02:52:52 UTC 2016

Den 2016-09-09 kl. 02:40, skrev Alberto Salvia Novella:
> Nio Wiklund:
>> Are you suggesting to file a bug against gparted?
> Ian Bruntlett:
>> how many do you want me to create? Both GPartEd and the system in
>> general can't access the data on the flash drives.
> Well, I thought the bug was with the Startup Disk Creator.
> So probably Nio will be able to tell better were this bug goes to. Why
> isn't the flash disc recognised by the file manager?

Hi Alberto and Ian,

It is an iso9660 file system with this special hybrid configuration, 
that I described earlier. This is not a feature of the Startup Disk 
Creator, but of the iso file itself. (The Startup Disk Creator is only 
copying it byte by byte alias cloning it).

This kind of partition and file will not be auto-mounted, but it can be 
mounted, for example like the following command, assuming the boot 
pendrive is /dev/sdb

sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt

and then the file browser can see it, for example you can try with

pcmanfm /mnt

Anyway, I think the bug report should be directed against gparted.


By the way, thinking twice about it, it affects [old versions of] parted 
too, but the current version in an updated installed 16.04.1 LTS can 
recognize the partition, except that it does not identify the iso9660 
file system.

See for example the output of

sudo parted /dev/sdb print

(still assuming the boot pendrive is /dev/sdb). Right now I am 'looking 
at' a cloned pendrive with Lubuntu Yakkety, recognized as /dev/sdd

$ sudo lsblk -fm /dev/sdd
NAME   FSTYPE  LABEL              UUID                    MOUNTPOINT
sdd    iso9660 Lubuntu 16.10 i386 2016-09-04-17-47-25-00
└─sdd1 iso9660 Lubuntu 16.10 i386 2016-09-04-17-47-25-00  /mnt

and here is the corresponding output of parted

$ sudo parted /dev/sdb print
Modell: SanDisk Cruzer Blade (scsi)
Disk /dev/sdd: 4005MB
Sektorstorlek (logisk/fysisk): 512B/512B
Partitionstabell: msdos
Disk Flags:

Nummer  Början  Slut   Storlek  Typ      Filsystem  Flaggor
  1      32,8kB  986MB  986MB    primary             startbar, dold

The current versions are seen by apt-cache

$ apt-cache policy parted gparted
   Installerad: 3.2-15
   Kandidat:    3.2-15
  *** 3.2-15 500
         500 xenial/main i386 Packages
         100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
   Installerad: 0.25.0-1
   Kandidat:    0.25.0-1
  *** 0.25.0-1 500
         500 xenial/main i386 Packages
         100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

Best regards

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