Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 07:23:23 UTC 2016

Den 2016-07-30 kl. 03:15, skrev Tux Ace:
> I want to contribute. My plan is to test new releases on old XP boxes
> because people turn to linux if their xp machine is unsafe. Any help to get
> me started would be appreciated.

Hi Tux,

Old XP boxes with old hardware will often work best with the 
light-weight flavours of Ubuntu, while standard Ubuntu may need more 
modern hardware to work well.

- 3D graphics ability
- 3 GiB RAM

So I suggest that you try the different Ubuntu family flavours, and 
select a suitable flavour (either generally or individually for each of 
your old computer) to test alongside standard Ubuntu,

- Lubuntu with the ultra light weight desktop environment LXDE
- Ubuntu-MATE with the medium light weight desktop environment MATE
- Xubuntu with the medium light weight desktop environment XFCE.

You can test in a virtual machine, for example VirtualBox and tweak the 
settings (for example RAM size), but I think testing in real computers 
is better, if you can dedicate some old computers for that purpose.


Please test and report according to the testcases at the testing tracker


and report bugs at Launchpad


if possible from the computer that fails (otherwise from another 
computer) with the command line

apport-bug package-name

where package-name is the program package, which you suspect is buggy. 
If you don't know which package to blame, you can ask here or at some 
other mailing list or forum, for example the Ubuntu Forums.

Best regards

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