Teo and his/her problems

teo teo teo897654 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 09:43:15 UTC 2016

I've been asked for more data that would actually help make Ubuntu
better which is what this list is about and I'm willing to reply, so
I'm confident the moderator will be intelligent enough to let this
email through.

>> So it makes me wonder what is wrong with Teo's setup that it seems so unstable?
>> Perhaps we could investigate that aspect rather fight each other.

I posted this bug report:

Please reply there asking me for any additional data that you think
would help investigate the issue and I'll be happy to post it if I
know how to.

> Agree. [...] Teo seems to be the kind of person that likes to customize
> and try things on his setup,

Not at all, actually. Other than installing stuff with "sudo apt-get
install whatever", I have hardly ever customized anything at all. I
don't even usually compile and install software from source (unless
it's the only option available, and even in that case, very rarely).
The only times I ever tinkered with the system was when it got broken
(like with this upgrade) and I had no option but to try and fix it by
following some instructions I found by googling the issue (and I don't
try everything that I find, I only try out what seems to be likely to
work, with as little side effects as possible).
I think if my mother was using Ubuntu (my mother being an example of
"avarage" non-computer-savvy user) her system would be more
"customized" than mine.

My system is probably as "out of the box" as a system that is actually
used on a daily basis, and that was installed like 4 years ago and
upgraded since then without any fresh reinstall, could possibly be.

> As a Quality Team, we (or you, I'm not really active here) are not a
> customer support, but we need to pay attention when something gets
> fantastically wrong, like this case.


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