Upgrade was a disaster as usual

teo teo teo897654 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 13:54:36 UTC 2016

Now you can safely ban me, I made my point which will be ignored as usual.

Don't worry, I'll get a new account for the next upgrade.

2016-12-12 14:43 GMT+01:00 teo teo <teo897654 at gmail.com>:
>> Many times there has been a bug, even when it affected a minority of people, Teo came here bullshitting this community.
> "Bullshitting"??
> I don't remember ever lying, exagerating or speaking nonsense. The
> only thing I can be accused of is using bad language, but I have never
> attacked anybody while in fact *I* was repeatedly mocked and insulted.
> Oh, I can also be accused of writing off-topic, to reply to the
> insults and false accusations, like I am now.
>> It really doesn't matter if it's Ubuntu or political issues, the goal is keeping oneself in that mood.
> You are very wrong my friend. I hate being in that "mood" and I have
> no goal whatsoever of keeping myself in it. My system breaking at any
> random time because of a minor update, or my computer becoming a
> useless pile of metal when just upgrading the OS, that is the sort of
> things that put me in that mood, as well as seeing how little the "QA"
> community cares about them.
>> Since Teo is experiencing those problems continuously, and mostly when upgrading to alpha releases
> "alpha" releases?? Are all non-LTS considered "alpha"? Ok, that
> explains a lot of things.
> Yes, I am experiencing problems continuously because Ubuntu is full of
> problems, and if it is mostly when upgrading I guess it's because
> upgrades are the weakest point of Ubuntu.
> You should realize that the percentage of people, among those
> experiencing issues, who take the time to write to this mailing list,
> is ridiculously small, so for every one or two users like me who pop
> here every once in a while ranting about some issue there must be
> hundreds of thousands out there silently suffering from them, many of
> them probably just stopping using Ubuntu. Instead of saying "here's a
> troll" you should be taking note that there some serious issue to be
> addressed.
>> I'm even considering if he isn't simply paid for anti-marketing here
> LOL, you are so ridiculous.
> How many end users read this list? Do you really think [that anybody
> would think] that this would be a sensible place for doing any kind of
> marketing or antimarketing?

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