Upgrade was a disaster as usual

teo teo teo897654 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 21:47:25 UTC 2016

Ah, and after that, I got a message that said "The upgrade was complete but
there was some errors". The computer didn't restart.

What the f**k am I supposed to do??

2016-12-11 22:42 GMT+01:00 teo teo <teo897654 at gmail.com>:

> I'm SICK of upgrading every time with the fear of bricking my computer.
> Every single distribution upgrade, something goes awfully wrong and I am
> left with an unusable system, which up to now I've always been able to
> recover, not without pain.
> The upgrade from 15.10 to 16.04 has been no exception.
> This time, after seeing a couple of times the message described in bug
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/1561467, plus a
> couple or three other crash reports, I suddenly got this error:
> "Could not install the upgrades
> The upgrade has aborted. Your system could be in an unusable state. A
> recovery will run now (dpkg --configure -a)"
> Doesn't look promising.
> It's unbelievable how carelessly the releases are released, and it's even
> more unbelievable that critical bugs that leave the user with an unusable
> machine go unfixed for so long (the next version has already been out there
> for a while).
> F**k you, Ubuntu.

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