Introducing Autopilot 1.6

Omer Akram omer.akram at
Wed Aug 31 11:49:14 UTC 2016


I am pleased to announce the release of autopilot 1.6. The latest packages
are available in Ubuntu Yakkety archives. For older versions of Ubuntu use
1.6 release ppa[1], the packages are also available in stable-phone-overlay

Enhancements to existing APIs

 * wait_select_single() was updated to take `ap_query_timeout` as a
parameter, this helps with writing more flexible functional tests where we
need to wait for longer period of time for an event to happen.

 * select_many() method now optionally returns sorted results based on list
of provided keys

 * get_parent() now supports to get specific parent objects, previously it
only returned the immediate parent.

New APIs

 * wait_select_many(): useful for cases where there is a need to wait for
minimum number of similar items to be created

 * wait_until_not_moving(): block till object physically stops moving.

If you need any help regarding autopilot, we are available in
#ubuntu-quality on freenode.


Detailed changelog[4]






On behalf of the QA team

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