replacing the Startup Disk Creator

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Thu Sep 17 14:24:21 UTC 2015

Hi subscribers to the ubuntu-quality mailing list,

I posted the following comment about the Startup Disk Creator after a
reminder today, that bug #1325801 is still alive.

The poor Startup Disk Creator has been suffering from many bugs for many
years now, and in spite of great efforts, our developers have not
managed to make it work properly. There are still several bugs and
strange features.

At the Ubuntu Forums we started a discussion about replacing the Ubuntu
Startup Disk Creator with another tool. See these links,

I suggest that we look for a tool that is

- reliable

- easy to use for a beginner

- easy to maintain, for example more likely to work without tweaks (or
with few and simple tweaks) between Ubuntu versions.

Best regards

Den 2015-09-15 kl. 16:22, skrev Nicholas Skaggs:
> Nio, I agree now is the time to get the conversation started; don't wait
> until UOS. You should certainly plan on having a discussion at UOS, but
> I would start the discussion now. You'll want to talk to the -desktop
> folks as you are really asking about replacing a default application. I
> would think feature parity amongst other things would be important to
> them. Plus documentation changes, etc. The sooner you get notice to
> everyone, the better chance you will have with this. Good luck!
> Nicholas
> On 09/14/2015 10:00 AM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
>> Hi Nicholas,
>> In the Ubuntu Forums we are discussing tools for making USB boot drives,
>> that can replace the Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator, SDC, in the next LTS.
>> The number and severity of bugs in the SDC has made us start this
>> discussion.
>> I suggest that we have a session about making install media and making
>> it easier, particularly for beginners, to install Ubuntu (and the Ubuntu
>> family of operating systems).
>> Right now Unetbootin has the highest score in a poll, but the poll is
>> only one criterion for what to select. It is important to listen to
>> people who know several tools and can tell the difference between them
>> and to consider which tools are reliable as well as easy to use.
>> Best regards
>> Nio alias sudodus at the Ubuntu Forums
>> Den 2015-09-14 kl. 15:36, skrev Nicholas Skaggs:
>>> The next UOS is coming, and it will be for an LTS. UOS is the Ubuntu
>>> Online Summit we hold each cycle to talk about what's happening in
>>> ubuntu. Now's a good time to think about what sessions would be helpful,
>>> and to plan to attend.
>>> Those of your who might be wondering what UOS is can also check out the
>>> last summit and FAQ page:
>>> Cheers,
>>> Nicholas

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