Please link libkpeople upstream

Thomas Ward teward at
Thu Oct 1 00:22:13 UTC 2015

Apologies if I seemed harsh or defensive or attackish here, I've had a
rough day.

Some info from #kubuntu-devel is below.

On 09/30/2015 08:03 PM, Thomas Ward wrote:
> On 09/30/2015 07:47 PM, Alberto Salvia Novella wrote:
>> Brian Murray:
>>> Do you happen to know the appropriate upstream project?
>> No, I was linking some projects from KDE but I didn't know which this
>> one comes from. That's why I'm asking.
> Then the question you should have asked is "What is the appropriate
> upstream project?"
> I've poked #kubuntu-devel on IRC (because they probably know KDE
> libraries well), and am seeing if anyone there knows the upstream
> project.  Will let you know what they say.  :)
So, the upstream 'link' is for now.

Note that it was requested that someone reach out to upstream about this:

[2015-09-30 20:17:51] 21<sgclark>21 teward: my link was the
current project page until we move to phabricator, so link to it for now
please. Anyway someone from this team can contact me? I would like to
keep in touch for when we do move to phabricator. (we being upstream)

My guess is because the upstream 'location' will change.  No idea if
there's a corresponding project elsewhere on LP for this or not, though...


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