Wiki Map and how to find child pages

Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at
Thu May 21 19:24:46 UTC 2015

Pasi Lallinaho:
> Instead of creating one more page (that needs maintaining), it would
> make much more sense to make all the pages more easily findable.

That's true, but only from the user perspective.

The index eases a lot checking if there are pages that are better 
removed. I use it plenty of times for that, and proves to be of great value.

Although, in the case of the papercuts wiki, I chose rather to add it as 
a hidden comment. So the category isn't displayed to the user.

Pasi Lallinaho:
 > It will not be a tree-like structure, but a simple list.

When the organization of the wiki is good, the index maps the site 
pretty clearly:

Pasi Lallinaho:
 > It involves remembering X every time you create a new page.

When creating a new page I think it's a good practice to always copy the 
structure of a related one, as it's faster and prevents errors.

In the case of the papercuts wiki, it only involves three lines:
   <<Include(One Hundred Papercuts/Header)>>
   ## CategoryPapercuts
   ==  ==

So adding "## CategoryPapercuts" is effortless.

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