Is fixing bugs a responsibility of this team?

Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at
Wed Feb 11 23:35:40 UTC 2015

Pasi Lallinaho:
>  From my point of view, fixing bugs is not one of the intended (primary)
> activities for QA team developers. Nor is it a "supporting task" by
> definition; supporting tasks are something that are either highly
> recommended or otherwise generally help you get the main goal filled.
> Of course, developers in the QA team might and most likely will fix
> bugs. By that definition, anybody who fixes a bug is a member of the QA
> team. That itself defeats the purpose of specifying the "QA team"
> developer role.

At some point in time the Bug Squad, who handled the responsibility of 
fixing bugs, was asked to merge with the Quality team.

But this merge was not fully done, and now seems that now is somehow 
unclear if the Bug Squad is still active and who holds the 
responsibility of what.

If you visit <> the page looks like 
heavily unmaintained; with a meeting scheduled to a past date, broken 
links in the header, and a notice that asks users to join the Quality 
team instead.

On the other hand there's no role in the Quality team intended for bug 
fixing, so the activity looks like it has gone orphan.

So these decisions need to be taken:
- If to keep or to remove the Bug Squad.
- Which are the ambit of responsibility of each team.
- Where the bug fixing activity go.

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