Shall I help a bit?

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Sat Feb 7 16:49:43 UTC 2015

Hi Alex and welcome to the group!

Unfortunately, it is not as 
easy as "converting" Windows drivers to get your wireless card to work 
under Ubuntu...While I am not familiar with your netbook model, maybe 
somebody else is and can step in?

I think there are 2 possibilities here;

1) Your wireless card is not supported by Ubuntu (by now, this a rare occurrence)

2) You have not installed available appropriate drivers that could make it work

 email list isn't exactly for troubleshooting issues with wireless card 
issues so instead, I'd recommend registering at the Ubuntuforums and 
asking your question in the "New to Ubuntu" section that can be found at
 the link below;

Hope that helps!


> Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2015 18:26:12 +0200
> From: aggelalex at
> To: ubuntu-quality at
> Subject: Shall I help a bit?
> Dearest one,
> I am a big fan of the Ubuntu operating system. I realy love it, because 
> it revived my 6-year-old pc, and also because it's very reliable and 
> secure. But first of all, I really love it because It's open and 
> compeletly free of charge! But I decided a few bugs on my pc, which is a 
> chilliGREEN netbook neo II, wich ran windows XP. It is about the 
> wireless card. My wireless card contains Wifi and Bluetooth. I tried 
> many ways to make my wireless card work, but I could not make it, with 
> the classic ways, (as Fn+F3) and more complex ways (with special 
> programs). So I beg you to make support for my wireless card on the next 
> version of Ubuntu. I will send you the drivers for windows XP in a 
> special link, and please convert this to run on Ubuntu.
> Yours faithfully,
> Alex
> PS:
> - These are the wireless drivers for the Ralink wireless card:
> - This is the site that I found the drivers:
>      And at last, If I should send the drivers somewhere else, please 
> tell me where.
> -- 
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