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Simon Quigley sqawesome99 at
Sat Aug 15 15:35:28 UTC 2015

> If a test result for a package in week 1 of a dev cycle shows a fail and
> has a bug filed against it why is that invalid in week 20 if it hasn't been
> fixed?
My point wasn't that. Then the QA person would have to reattach the bug(not
so hard if there was somewhat of a history).

> I'm not really sure how removing test results for a cycle is useful.
> I would expect QA people to know if a bug reported against a package is
> still relevant or not.
​Because of regression. If there is package regression and the QA tracker
shows a passed result, then it would be a little confusing to see a bug
​concerning the same package ​
by the same person, don't you think?​

Have a nice day,
Simon Quigley

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