Preparing for 14.04.3 release on Thursday

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Wed Aug 5 06:14:03 UTC 2015

On Mon, Aug 03, 2015 at 02:20:30PM -0600, Adam Conrad wrote:
> It's that time of year again, yet another 14.04 LTS point release
> is upon us.  I'm building RC images for all LTS flavours right now,
> which should pop out on the tracker at:

And new builds have been spun for all flavours (20150805), with a few
bugfixes in ubuntu-drivers-common, casper, unity-control-center, and
on powerpc only, util-linux and finish-install.

If you've already done end-to-end testing, you certainly don't need to
start over, just remember to smoketest boot/install/reboot, and to see
if those specific SRUs may have caused any regressions.

... Adam

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