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Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 18:33:11 UTC 2015

Seems that I cannot longer mail the Quality team. Probably someone got 
angry with 🍘.

So I'm sending the message directly to you, as I don't know how long 
will it be on hold:

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Subject: Re: Asking users to upstream
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 18:44:26 +0200
From: Alberto Salvia Novella <es20490446e at gmail.com>
To: Ubuntu Quality Team <ubuntu-quality at lists.ubuntu.com>

Thomas Ward:
> Does upstream actually value this activity?  Do they have issues with
> users who may be posting the bugs themselves to do the upstreaming when
> they may not actually be able to provide enough information for such
> upstream reports to be useful?

All reports at

were handled properly by their reporters.

What won't be a surprise, as they are asked to upstream only after the
report in Launchpad is complete. So they will figure out what upstream

Thomas Ward:
  > Are the bugs being linked correctly back in Launchpad, or are some
  > slipping through the cracks as comments only and not actually linked
  > bugs?

Looks like that's okay too.

Thomas Ward:
  > Have you done any spotchecks on upstreams, such as versions the bugs
  > are against being unsupported, or whether upstream is actually doing
  > anything with such upstreamed reports?  Does upstream end up with a
  > thousand duplicates as a result?  And if so, does that actually make
  > our users upstreaming the bugs worthwhile as a part of the "filing
  > the bug themselves" process?

  From all the bugs I just checked, I only remember one being marked as
duplicate. There was no one upstream said they didn't support.

Javier Domingo Cansino:
  > Ubuntu is not a bleeding edge distro and because of that, development
  > upstream can be affected by already corrected bugs. In Arch Linux for
  > example, users report all bugs upstream but the ones concerning the
  > packaging. This flow however is damaging (IMO) when users are served
  > outdated versions of programs.

I think the only way to know is actually asking upstream.

On the other hand, this issue is the reason why I only work on bugs in
the current and future Ubuntu releases. So perhaps bugs in previous
releases could be treated differently, if you have a better idea.

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