Keep email focused

Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at
Fri Sep 19 13:20:50 UTC 2014

Pasi Lallinaho:
> please stop sending irrelevant and non-constructive messages to this
> list and waste everybody's time filtering them out of their inboxes.

And remember to set the subject name as specific as possible too, 
because we have been receiving so many digests recently that we could 
get fat :-)

On the other hand I think that throwing a few lines of non-work once in 
a while is good. Knowing histories from people is nice, as long as the 
message stays focused on a task and it's only a very brief mention.

When I was in eMule's technical support, I used myself to write as I was 
a Terminal; but reality was I stayed there because I wanted to heard 
from people, and that was what created a sense of fellowship. I have to 
say that reading <> changed my writing :-)


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