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Walter Lapchynski wxl at
Sat Oct 25 22:02:37 UTC 2014

> From: Ian Bruntlett <ian.bruntlett at>:

> This computer works fine with 14.04LTS and fails with 14.10.
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I think "professionalism in programming" would suggest creating a bug
report. Indeed, that is the best place to have all this
troubleshooting information exist. This way bug triagers, users, and
developers can sort through it and try to make sense out of it.

I can tell you as Lubuntu's Release Manager, we had no such bug come
up during the cycle except the one I already mentioned that was fixed
and that affected all flavors.

Please make sure to subscribe the Lubuntu Packages Team, by the way. Thanks!

Lubuntu Release Manager, Head of QA
Ubuntu PPC Point of Contact
Ubuntu Oregon LoCo Team Leader

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