Final Image Testing for Utopic!

Ian Bruntlett ian.bruntlett at
Thu Oct 23 18:54:53 UTC 2014

Hi All,

On 23 October 2014 10:15, Ian Bruntlett <ian.bruntlett at> wrote:

> P.S. I have a few ideas up my sleeve to try and install this lubuntu
> image. Will take some time so will try it out tonight.
Tonight, during the install, when the message "Undefined video mode number
: 314. Press ENTER to see video modes available" appeared I pressed ENTER
and chose video mode 0. Booting this system still results in a white screen
with a black squiggle on it.

I downloaded the official 14.10 alternate lubuntu 386 installer and will be
trying it at the weekend.

The isos I'm working with are:
e4f3ad46fa269104b01aff422d17b079  utopic-alternate-i386-20141022.iso
49c072a9492201456b22200d66f697d5  lubuntu-14.10-alternate-i386.iso



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