HP Compaq nx9030 and 14.04.1

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Tue Oct 7 11:27:26 UTC 2014

On 2014-10-07 14:25, Ian Bruntlett wrote:
> H Ali,
> On 7 October 2014 05:00, Ali Linx <ali.linux at amjjawad.net> wrote:
>> P.S.
>> I can tell that even Xubuntu 12.04.4 is very slow for that machine. It
>> seems it needs something really lightweight. It has only one CPU (one
>> core). That is why I started ToriOS. It is super light and it works with
>> NON-PAE CPU by default. User just need to download and install the system,
>> that is all. The only thing that is stopping me from using ToriOS is it is
>> still under heavy development.
> For low end kit I would use lubuntu (http://lubuntu.net/) and if that is
> too demanding I would use Puppy Linux ( http://puppylinux.org/ )
> BW,
> Ian

Since this seems to evolve to a general support/discussion thread, 
please take it to a users list since this list is designed for quality 
team cooperation.


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