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Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Wed May 28 01:09:21 UTC 2014

On 05/27/2014 03:51 PM, C de-Avillez wrote:
> On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 2:05 PM, Alberto Salvia Novella
> <es20490446e at> wrote:
>> On 27/05/14 16:56, C de-Avillez wrote:
>>> A technical opinion on a technical issue will rule out every other
>>> opinion until proved wrong.
>> Summarizing: for confirming this bug, you need to provide a series of steps
>> that will break GRUB consistently.
>> Till then the appropriate status for the report is "opinion".
> Actually, even then I would rather have a new bug opened. This one is
> done and gone :-)
Well, I've been under the weather and traveling and didn't see this post 
until now. Many thanks to those level-headed folks who stepped into the 
discussion here.

As to the bug, if it is affecting you, the best thing you can do is to 
recreate the problem. After the problem has happened again, use 
ubuntu-bug to file a new bug and describe how you arrived at the 
problem. Try and simplify creating the problem to isolate what is 
triggering it. This is all work you as an end-user can do that greatly 
helps a developer actually solve the bug. The next time a bug of yours 
is marked as invalid or opinion, take that as an oppurtunity to file a 
more complete bug report that will allow someone to properly confirm it; 
learn from it. Instead of attacking a developer, ask someone to help you 
understand what data is missing / needed and how you can obtain it. Stay 

Finally, it's important to heed the advice of those who can help you. As 
Scott side, software can be furstrating, and working within a community 
can be too. Let's keep the CoC in mind; we are all here because we care 
about making ubuntu better.


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