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Thu May 15 11:49:57 UTC 2014

El 14/05/14 22:50, AFJ Headquarters escribió:
> What is the difference between all the 'buntus?

The difference is the desktop environment 
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desktop_environment) they use, each of 
which is optimized for something different:

- Ubuntu (http://youtu.be/JHEHPRDVEp4) is better at doing the job fast 
and simple
- Ubuntu GNOME (http://youtu.be/0vkC8h78jgs) is better at being uncluttered.
- Kubuntu (http://youtu.be/LZRXt623Py0) is better at personalizing every 
aspect of your desktop.
- Xubuntu (http://youtu.be/UYnipGZbwIM) is better at performance, while 
keeping things jet simple.
- Lubuntu (http://youtu.be/A98ykWTpoWU) is better at running in very old 

What I see is (personal opinion):

- 80% of cases, using Ubuntu is the best option.
- 15% of cases, when Ubuntu performs slow, using Xubuntu is better.
- 5% of cases, when Xubuntu performs slow, using Vector Linux Light 
Edition (http://vectorlinux.com/) is better. Better than that, look for 
a new computer through the garbage.

Because the rest of distributions have greater pitfalls, personally I 
recommend sticking only with these latest three (excuse my heretic 
behaviours, which can change).


Alberto Salvia Novella

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