smsclient bug

AFJ Headquarters agents4jesus at
Wed May 14 22:17:04 UTC 2014

I was using Synaptic (thanks for mentioning it, Mr_Chmod :-) ) and found 
a sms client (that's actually what it's called, smsclient). I downloaded 
it and typed: smsclient
It then gave me a few suggestions, No command 'smsclient' found, did you 
mean: Command 'smbclient' from package 'smbclient' (main) Command 
'sms_client' from package 'smsclient' (universe)
smsclient: command not found

Obviously, smbclient was not what I wanted so I typed sms_client. Now it 
gave me an error: ERROR: Opening logfile: /var/log/smsclient.log

What an annoying bug. Any ideas?


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